A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects

My plan now is to recommend some of the books that I’ve been reading lately. I hope that this will help you during your day-to-day work. Much like the books I have read have helped me.

My first book is A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects by Breandán Knowlton. I would first like to mention that the book is published by Five Simple Steps. The Five Simple Steps series are brilliant if you’re in the web design/development game. Many of the books I’ve read and continue to read come from them. They are great because, as the name suggests, they come in five chapters.

If you’re wanting to go into project management or even just interested in the process of it all, then this is the book for you. It has nice and short burst sections all condensed into five chapters.

The chapters are broken down into the following areas.

  • Beginning a Project
  • Analysing Requirements
  • Design and Prototype
  • Construction and Testing
  • Deployment and Evaluation

What I found most useful from this book was that a lot of the steps I seem to overlook or just don’t consider at all. These include things such as kick off meetings, usability for the users as well as wire framing. Of course we’ve all heard of these things and understand the importance, or at least the benefits, of them but we rarely find the time to charge for them or we add them as “extras” but rarely do them. They are often, sadly, seen as a “fallback” in case the project goes sideways.

The things I took away the most from this book were the interviews from well known people in our field. These included, Greg Hoy of Happy Cog and Andy Budd of Clearleft. Both of whom I respect greatly.