Advanced CSS Techniques

The other day I listened to an interesting Podcast over at Boagworld that discussed advanced CSS techniques. The guest interviewee was Jen Simmons from The Web Ahead podcast.

A point that really stuck with me was when you view websites using The Wayback Machine web archive many don’t really render properly. Either imagery does’t work or it has many dead links. Many of us look at this and think that the Web Achieve people didn’t do a great job at achieving the website properly but Jen Simmons made a very good point that sometimes it’s the way the websites were developed. Many of them didn’t use proper web standards and used JavaScript to display content that wouldn’t show in HTML alone.

It’s a great point considering many of us may use other services to retrieve and read content without actually visiting the website. For instance I use Feedly everyday to read many blog websites I’m subscribed to.

Now the point is does your website serve the content in an easy to fetch way? This is very important because we will never know exactly how people are viewing our content. This is why we need to keep things simple in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I love new and fancy CSS techniques being used on websites but we must remember to make things easy for the end user no matter how they choose to view our websites and read our content.