Conferences, Events and Meet Ups

I have decided that this year I will be attending more conferences, events and meet ups. Last year I attended the DIBI Conference and it was fantastic. There were so many great workshops as well as talks. I’m definitely going to this years.

As well as conferences, which I know can be on the expensive side. My plan is to attend more Meetup talks. Meetup’s are a great way to attend or even organise your own events where likeminded people can go to and get together. I went to my first WordPress North East Meetup earlier this year and it was great. Great talks and more importantly, I meant likeminded people. This was the key for me as in my current job I am the only WordPress developer. I am looking forward to the next one in March¬†for a good catchup and to simply learn more.

My dream would be to attend one of the An Event Apart conferences but at this moment in time my budget, sadly,¬†doesn’t stretch that far.

But for now, I am currently working on some ideas that I could possibly take to a future event of my own.