Great Podcasts

Lately I have been listening to more Podcasts relating to my profession.

Podcasts are brilliant to me because they act as a learning platform (depending on what you listen to) but you’re not overwhelmed because it’s just one or two people having a discussion. As much as I love listening to music while working, I feel it can take you “out of the room”, more so if you’re working in a office where you may need to answer questions on a regular basis.

The Big Web Show
A great podcast that is presented by the “godfather” of web design, Jeffrey Zeldman. It features of range of web designers and developers on a weekly basic.

The Boagworld Show
Another great podcast that is presented by Paul Boag. It discusses topics ranging from web design, development and the business side of things.

Shop Talk Show
If you’re into more front end development then this podcast by Chris Coy and Dave Rupert is well worth a listen.

For more recommendations, I highly recommend visiting Interviewed which is a growing database of podcast interviews.