I’m doing fewer side projects and that’s just fine

That’s right. My side projects are few and far between these days and I’m absolutely fine with that. The only thing that has really changed is my job. My personal life has pretty much remained.

The reason I am fine with fewer side projects is because I feel satisfied with the work I produce with my new job. Jobs in the past fuelled me to do more and more side projects which I thought was great at the time. But I believe the reason was because they unfulfilled me both professionally and personally.

My new job however has great projects that are managed effectively. This fulfils me during the day giving me ample time for my personal life which now includes going out during the week with friends, which I would never usually do, and a more regular exercise regime. The latter provides plenty of energy for the next working day. Though I guess they both do in a way.

I do still have ideas I would like to work on but what I do now is to make a list of them. I find this is more effective as the ideas either strive or die depending on how much attention my subconscious gives them. In the past I would have just worked on any idea that came to mind just to get away from my day to day work.

I do still think side projects are important but I feel I’m just managing them more effectively these days.