Issues with WP_Mail

Lately I’ve been having when it comes to using the WP_Mail function. Now I know many people and references out there recommend not using this function as many email providers can mark as spam and many don’t even let it pass into your spam folder at all.

In the past I have used WP Mail SMTP and this has done a stellar job. Lately however I have switched hosting and my new host doesn’t allow for me to use this method for various reasons.

The first method and perhaps the most recommended is to request an email address from your clients email provider. This is to ensure that it tells the server that this email is coming from the domain name it’s supposed to. This wasn’t ideal for me as it can be tricky to request this type of information from various clients.

The next solution and the one I currently have in play is using the service Mandrill. Mandrill is a service provided by MailChimp that allows you to send emails. It seems to be a great service so far and for smaller clients it can be free as it will let you have 12,000 sends per month.

The whole setup took less than 10 minutes. This is from signing up to setting up the API key.

All-in-all if you require a quick and reasonably cheap method to send emails via WordPress, then I can’t recommend Mandrill enough.