Server Configuration

Server configuration isn’t one of my finer skills. In fact, I’ve never configured a server until just now.

It was extremely daunting but I think we’re out of the forest now.

One of the biggest issues was that the client sadly didn’t want to pay too much but they still required a dedicated server. We went for one that had 512MB of RAM. As the site grew, we needed to reconfigure and reconfigure. Easy Apache would throw us a ‘512’ error. This is usually because the rebuild was eating up all of the RAM. We managed to get around this my using the following commands:

  • service httpd stop
  • service mysqld stop
  • service exim stop
  • service courier-imap stop

After a little further research (thank you Google), it was suggested that using console would use less memory when compared to the WHM interface and it did just that.

  • /scripts/easyapache

Again, servers aren’t one of my strengths but I feel that I have learnt a lot and, for me, that’s what it’s all about.