Issues with WP_Mail

Lately I’ve been having when it comes to using the WP_Mail function. Now I know many people and references out there recommend not using this function as many email providers can mark as spam and many don’t even let it pass into your spam folder at all.

Going Beyond the Limits

Lately I have been trying to push myself beyond the working limits that I am used to. It has been difficult as I have just started a new job. On one end my thinking is that it’s a new start so pushing myself would be great but on the other side my thinking is to try and play it safe until I’m settle into this new job.

My Career Switch

I just wanted to talk about one of the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life. That decision was to change my career. Now I know it may not sound like a huge change to some of you reading this as I am still working for companies that produce websites but for me it was a pretty big deal.

Job Offer

Last week I accepted a new job offer. It is a full time role and the place along with the benefits sound great. The one thing that really sold it to me was their digital department is having a revamp and they would like me to help shape it going forward. This is both very exciting but also very nerve racking for me. I’ve never undertook a role like this before but I always love a challenge.

Modest Grid

Lately I have been putting a lot more thought into my grid system Modest Grid. The full page feature that I have added is great when you need a fast and easy to develop brochure website.

Let Us Celebrate

I mentioned yesterday about celebrating a good week I had. For me I feel that this is very important as it helps us to relax after many weeks or months of good, hard work. It also helps, for me anyway, to not beat yourself up when you have a bad day because you can can just look back on all of the other successful works you have completed.

A New Look and Feel

So here it is, the redesign of my personal website. It’s been a long time coming, too. It has been developed from the ground up using my grid system Modest Grid. The website is also in WordPress once again as it has been awhile since I’ve used WordPress for personal projects. This is, for me, quite ironic giving that I am a WordPress developer. But I guess sometimes you just need to get something quickly online and you just produce a simple HTML document to do the job.